News and information for readers of Gutsy from our humble editors.
event [ 43 ]
A happening, hoopla, get together or any other occasion that leaves its mark. And don't forget about holidays.
headline [ 6 ]
Thoughts on news stories from television, radio, newspaper, magazine and internet that deserve being broadcast to a wider audience.
Other phenomena that can't be easily labelled but have no less effect than what's tangible and classifiable.
not gutsy [ 12 ]
The unremarkable, underwhelming or otherwise disappointing. Anything that fails to meet expectations or just gets under your skin and broods.
person [ 7 ]
Role models, casual acquaintances, life-long friends or complete strangers whose faces, words and actions won't evaporate from thought.
place [ 22 ]
A spot for solitude or the smack dab in the middle of a crowd which begs return and reexperience.
product [ 17 ]
Items made, bought, found, taken and consumed that are in no risk of being permanently lost in a filing cabinet, cupboard, closet, garage or basement.
read [ 8 ]
Notes about the printed, scribbled, scrawled and otherwise inscribed word that can't help being ruminated.
screen [ 15 ]
Movie, television or any other moving pictures that continually replay through memory.
sight [ 48 ]
Visions from life, memory or imagination that shouldn't be or can't be forgotten. This might include art, snapshots, vignettes or any visually significant item.
sound [ 15 ]
Noise, music, phrases or any other audible phenomenon that resonates through being heard.
story [ 24 ]
Tales, narratives, folklore and other magnificent stories that deserve to be shared with others or risk fading away.
taste [ 29 ]
Smell, touch, sight and taste combined to form a culinary experience. A feast, meal, snack or crumb that stirs a change.
thought [ 33 ]
Ideas, musings or perversions that are stuck mentally turning over. These might be from years ago, today or have potential for tomorrow.
wear [ 9 ]
Outfits, individual pieces and accessories that capture the right now or will endure the fads, trends and seasons.