Weekly Digest #22

In addition to our regularly great contributions, there are two new features on GUTSY. First, we've added a new type of post called a SHORTY which can be seen on our homepage. SHORTIES are an evolving list of the interesting articles, photosets, videos, interviews and other curious things our authors run across online.

We've also made it easy to send any of our articles to a friend. Simply select 'email this article' and let everyone know about something great you found on GUTSY.

And speaking of, Mark Sanders wasn't able to get out of jury duty and Ann Whitehurst prepared a completely unromantic meal. Guido Alvarez told the story of the fish and the pelican while Sandie Maxa searched for gems in a used bookstore. Paul Pereira showed an amazing performance by an amazing individual and also loved Huckabees.

Have a great weekend and tell a friend about GUTSY.