Over the last few days I have been haunted by an overwhelming observation: the great differences of living experiences between two people who share a common ground. These differences manifest in every single detail: what they eat, how they react to the same weather, how they sleep, how they have sex, or how they don't have sex on a daily basis; how they hear the same song, or taste the same flavor. Ultimately how people love. Do we really have control over these tiny details of life, do we really have a chance to construct our lives, or are we creatures similar to those described by Mark living off their natural environment always adapting to survive. Do we ever control our lives or is there something out there playing with us, sticking a pole to see how we react. Who controls the show?

mark, Jan 18 2006 5:04PM

existentialism: wahoo.

the only enlightenment i can think of is that perhaps you don't share as substantial a common ground as you might think. there have been several occasions that i have looked forward to because i was excited to be around people who have the same overwhelming interest in a topic as i do.

what i discovered is that my expectation of instant connection and comraderie didn't align with the amount of things we actually had in common.

but of course it's our differences that keep us interesting isn't it?