Thanks and Have a Nice Day

This is something that I've wanted to write about for a long time because it pisses me off almost every time. Well, maybe "pissed off" is a little harsh, but anyway... Perhaps some of you can identify with this situation:

You're standing at the checkout counter at the grocery store or wherever and the cashier hands you your change and receipt. Don't you just need a freaking minute to open up your wallet and neatly place your change in it without being made to feel like you're not doing it fast enough? It seems like the next person in line is always on my ass trying to crowd me out of the space, taking over the little check-writing counter, while I'm trying to put the dollar bills neatly where they belong and the cashier is already asking them how they are doing today. I prefer not to walk out of the store with a handful of loose bills. And I prefer not to cram them into my pocket or the bottom of my purse because I would forget about them.

In the big scheme of things, this is very insignificant. But it's just one of those things that really bugs me.

Sandie, Apr 10 2005 1:56PM

Yes! This situation drives me crazy. But I finally have developed a system for dealing with it. While the cashier is processing my money or credit card, I scoot all the way down to the end of the stainless steel counter (bagging position) to wait for my change and receipt. This forces the cashier to turn around and give me full attention before addressing the next customer. And I get plenty of space to arrange my belongings.

note: This procedure can backfire if the previous patron is slower to gather their bags than you are, also known as BAGL (bag-area gridlock).

Heather, Apr 12 2005 6:17PM

What bothers me even more is when they hand you the receipt stuck on top of your bills and then pile the change on top of the whole mess so that you have to use both hands to cup it all together. And then stand there to separate the change and the bills and the receipt. I'd rather them hand me the bills in one of their hands, and the change in another. And then hand me the receipt. Just once, I'd like to see this.

Ann, Apr 12 2005 11:00PM

Oh, yeah. The receipt/bills/coins all piled on top is a real pain. I usually try to slide the coins into my change pocket, without dropping one on the floor (if it's just a penny that drops, I say screw it and leave it there), then I cram the bills and receipt into my wallet. Then a week later my wallet is full of receipts stuck between all the bills.

I will have to give the bagging position technique a shot. I'll let you know how it goes.