Storm King


About a month ago, some friends and I headed north to visit Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York. 500 acres of farmland are home to large-scale modern sculptures by artists including Alexander Calder, Mark diSuvero, Andy Goldsworthy, Roy Lichtenstein, Louise Nevelson, Richard Serra and many others. Most of the work was created post 1960.






Unlike seeing art in an urban paved plaza, viewing art outside, in a huge expanse of space, was a thrill. Ascending a hill brought a steel structure into view, conspicuous because of its surroundings — rolling green hills and trees. Gusts of wind helped pieces with moving parts come alive. Fast-moving clouds (it did indeed storm that day) provided an everchanging backdrop. And you could touch everthing.

shari, Jun 29 2006 4:09PM

sandie, this looks amazing. i love your photos. i'm a huge goldsworthy fan. thank you for sharing. cheers, shari

sandie, Jun 29 2006 5:10PM

thanks for the comment! i really like goldsworthy too. the piece they have at storm king, called Storm King Wall, is a beautifully simple serpentine wall. it snakes between the trees and goes down a hill into a pond, then picks up on the other side and up goes up the meadow. very zen!