Before today, I wasn't familiar with the sensation of pasta sauce soaking through my pants.

It had been a long day, so I was trying to make a quick dinner: packaged cheese tortellini with jarred sauce, leftover bread, and spinach/carrot salad. The seal on the sauce that I was going to use had been broken a few days ago when my son dropped the jar on the floor. No big deal...I just put it in the fridge to use later. When I took the sauce out of the fridge, I brought it over next to the stove and gave it a quick shake. The bottom fell out of the jar and the sauce went everywhere: on my thighs (I was wearing jeans), the floor, the cabinets, in the crevice between the stove and the counter. I guess more damage had been done to the jar than I thought when it was dropped earlier in the week. What grossed me out the most was the sensation of the sauce soaking through my pants which were rolled up a little, so the cuffs also caught some tomato chunks. Luckily I had another jar of sauce.

Sandie, Jun 2 2005 9:50AM

I had a similarly maddening experience last week. I was putting clean plates on the second shelf of a cabinet. Next to the clean plates was a stack of Italian glass, square appetizer plates with slightly rounded edges. Because of their unique shape, they did not stack well, but I couldn't see exacly how tenuous the situation was because of my height. As I put the last of the clean plates away, the square plate stack came cascading out of the cabinet and onto the tile floor. The moment seemed to last forever as all 8 plates came crashing to the ground.

The worst part was the clean up. There were tiny shards of glass on the floor, in the stove burners, under the refrigerator, on the counter, embedded in the dirty dishes... everywhere!

mark, Jun 3 2005 9:47AM

when i was newly a freshman in high school, i went through a period of days where no less than three (3) people vomitted on my desk. now each class took place in a different room so it can hardly be blamed on the desk.

a thorough wash-up in the bathroom and a janitor wielding that magic powder for puke absorption and it all faded to just an embarassing memory.