D*mn, my husband can cook

For my birthday this past week, I worked late and didn't get home 'til after 8PM. My husband had prepared a feast for me, including homemade gazpacho (not pictured), a delicious fish dish of his own creation, steamed green chard and pine nut cous cous. All of this, lovingly prepared in a 90+ degree kitchen with no A/C.


sandie, Aug 4 2006 11:48AM

happy birthday ms. manske! looks like you had quite a delicious feast. question: was the fish baked or grilled?

at our apartment there is a self-imposed an oven ban until this hot weather passes! we've become intimate with our toaster oven and grill pan in the past month.

Heather, Aug 4 2006 1:30PM

It was baked in the oven.. and the other stuff was on the stove, so the apartment was scorching. I was lucky enough to sit in the air-conditioned bedroom talking on the phone to family while hubber slaved in the kitchen.