Pardon Me

Marshmallow and Yam won't be the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving spread this year. The two 35 pound turkeys from Henning, Minnesota were granted Presidential pardons as part of the 50-year annual tradition. Usually no more than a soft and cuddly photo oppotunity for the leader of the free world, this year's act of mercy marked one welcomed break from the script.

It's hard to imagine PETA would have a problem with a gesture that saves the life of an animal. But bowing to pressure from the animal advocacy group, the National Turkey Federation is sending the fortunate fowl to roost on the West Coast instead of the normal retirement at Frying Pan Park in northern Virginia.

Citing a lack of mental and physical stimulation in a 10-foot by 10-foot cage, PETA claims that past turkeys have died within 6 months of being relocated to Frying Pan Park. So what's better than spending your last days at a petting zoo? A first-class flight to California.

Marshmallow and her body-double Yam were ironically whisked away via jet (after all domesticated turkeys can not fly) from Washington Dulles to LAX to serve as grand marshalls of Disneyland's annual holiday parade. After that there is no word where or how they will finish out their days.

As a final trivial aside, President Carter did not pardon a single turkey during his entire tenure. My family doesn't plan on doing so this year either.

* learn from PETA about turkeys

sandie, Nov 23 2005 9:10AM

Is there really a Frying Pan Park that houses turkeys and other poultry? Irony at it's best...