Weekly Digest #27

And as quickly as it started Summer has begun to wane. Many apologies for not providing a Digest in too long a time. Perhaps the lazy days of Summer were a little too relaxed. No matter, much has been collected on GUTSY since you last heard from us.

Our newest contributor Joanna Smith introduced us to "shavasana" and "kabobs" while Heather Manske knows a man who can really cook. Sandie Maxa happily rediscovered a classic while Paul Pereira decided he would rather rent this Meryl Streep performance. Mark Sanders saw no need to relive the World Trade Center disaster, also had good and bad weather on vacation and knew where to find a llama, emu, camel and seagull. Ann Whitehurst was victimized by some clever product placement at Target.

As part of the first GUTSY group project, several of our contributors introduced us to their workplaces. Have a look at Paul Pereira's, Sandie Maxa's, Rusty Mitchell's, Alice Marie's and Ann Whitehurst's.

Have a great weekend and tell a friend about GUTSY.