100,000 lb. Walrus

I like rap. And there are a lot of reasons why I do. But I don't like it to be overly sexual or degrading or violent. However, I sure enjoy an inventive drop of the 'f-bomb' or one of its dirty cousins. Perhaps my favorite type of lyric is that of one of rap's essential elements: the boast. Whether it is lifting the MC or dropping the haters, a good line can put people in their place. I've assembled a small list of some notable examples from the bombastic, to the metaphorial, to the bizarre. What are some of your favorites?

I can throw a 100,000 pound walrus right through the wall. Kool Keith

I am the king of rock there is none higher, sucker mc's should call me sire. Run DMC

I'm like a mechanic all I do is body work. Kool Moe Dee

I'm the masta' blasta' pickin' up the shasta, my voice sounds sweet 'cause it has ta'. Beastie Boys

I'll make you smile for the simple fact i'm good at it. I'll make you smile so I can sit and look at it. Atmosphere

If reese's pieces increases your feces, why ain't you funky. beans

I shot a warhol dead with my pistol, when the wind hit the hole in the canvas it whistled. Felt

I can't cook but me and Luke are serving much to eat. I've got multiple stabs of jazzy, sassafrassy. Tribe Called Quest

Grown man tactics, no pediatrics, the kind of track that makes them come back for rapless. The Roots

karl, Oct 11 2005 2:54PM

Man, I love PE's Cold Lampin' with Flavor:

Live lyrics from the bank of reality
I kick da flyest dope maneuver technicality
To a dope track, you wanna hike git ya backpack
get out the wack sack
Um in my Flav-mobile cole lampin
I took dis g upstate cole lampin
Ta da poke-a-nose, we call da hide-a-ways
A pack of franks and a big bag of frito lays

guido, Oct 13 2005 11:56AM

What about visual rap?

mark, Oct 13 2005 1:11PM

karl: brilliant. will try to use "wack sack" more often in casual conversation.

guido: do you have an example of "visual rap"? seems plausible.

sandie, Oct 19 2005 11:22AM

You can't forget LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool James). His name is one big boast!