Hometown Pride

Gutsy Tamms 3.jpg

sandie, Jul 5 2006 1:00PM

Alice, Thanks for sharing the great pics from your summer in the heartland! They are quite refreshing to NYC eyes. And as a resident of Astoria, which is close to the famous Rikers Island prison, I can vouch for the tagline... a good place to live IS near a super max.

mark, Jul 5 2006 1:42PM

well rikers isn't exactly a supermax, but they do pretty well. i never thought a shift change at a prison would cause traffic near anywhere i lived.

i have always marvelled at town slogans. from the mundane "great place to live" to the esoteric "America’s largest community of all-brick homes", it's curious to see what town residents think make them unique.

Keep the photos coming...