After three years disguised as a design professor and a few more years of dealing with my own misthesisery, I got this "unsolicited" email in my mailbox. Why bother studying when you can pay for a two week Ph.D.? Today my kid begins his education at a Montessori school in the middle of the Andes mountains. Our fake suv will collapse in a matter of months due to the road conditions yet we are happy to have found a montessori education offer. Some day I will start a Montessori design school or a zendesign school for college kids. A new opportunity to experience kindergarten for grown-ups altogether. Perhaps it will be in the middle of the Andes, in Galapagos or some hight tech hideout in America. I just need to recruit more crazy guys with the same need to provide a different way of teaching. In the meantime I will thank the person who sent the 2 week degrees for his/her enlightenment that our current education system is not really focused towards knowledge but towards credentials.

paul, Sep 7 2005 2:11PM

Get your PH.D online for only two weeks! Sign me up!
I was just thinking maybe I should go back to school & get my masters well screw that I can skip my masters and get my PH.D instead. Only two weeks How Can You Pass That Up? It doesn't get any better than that!!!

mark, Sep 11 2005 1:41PM

the funny thing is there is absolutely nothing you could do with a degree derived this way. at least for $40 you can become an ordained preacher and marry people.