A Storm of Walloping Proportions

Just as the National Hurricane Center has run out names for storms this year, it seems the media is also having trouble describing the unprecedented magnitude and size of this season's hurricanes. With each new uber-storm the same label hits the headlines: MONSTER. That got me thinking – is this truly the best term to describe the ferocity and wrath of global-warming angered storms, or just like their differing names, should each storm get its own cataclysmic noun?

Using a simple synonym search via Thesaurus.com I have come up with the following list of twenty alternates, in no particular order. With a deliberate change of phrase hopefully the media will be able to adequately portray the subjective characteristics of each storm.

1. hellcat
2. behemoth
3. colossus
4. ogre
5. titan
6. miscreation
7. horror
8. lout
9. beast
10. monstrosity
11. hellion
12. enfant terrible
13. dastard
14. mutant
15. goliath
16. leviathan
17. big mother
18. diablo
19. degenerate
20. freak

Ann, Oct 20 2005 2:41PM

And when they run out of those words, they could say things such as "ass-kicking" or just "huge f*&king storm."

Sandie, Oct 21 2005 4:54PM

I think it would be cool if they had wrestling names a la Jesse The Body and Hulk Hogan. So instead of just "Wilma" it would be Wilma Whapop or Warrior Wilma.