Snippets of a Vacation in Spain




mark, Sep 25 2006 12:08PM

where in spain did you go? small town or large city? did you go to one location or were you travelling around the country.

looks like a great place to visit. sadly my european vacations have never found spain. hopefully they soon will.

Paul, Sep 25 2006 5:42PM

I went to a small town in Galicia Called Nebra thats where my girlfriends parents & grandparents are from. Its not really considered a town its some homes in a mountain side but a fifteen minute walk down a path you get to the ocean. It is really beautiful there and I always hate leaving.
There is a small town call Porto do Son thats about a 10-15 minute car ride. And that town is between two larger towns called Noia & Riberia, also an hour drive will get you to a bigger town called Santiago.
I love it there I wish I could just stay there maybe some day...