Graffiti Exhibit


For most of my life I have been a fan of graffiti artists. I slowly watched them infiltrate museums and have their work exhibited. Beginning the weekend of January 6th 2007, graffiti writers will tag the exteriors of two U-Haul vans wrapped in vinyl siding for the Graffiti Road Show, an exhibit from the Martinez Gallery.

It's very exciting to me to see this exhibit; seeing photographs taken over the past five years of more than 100 of the city's most prolific graffiti writers. Their artwork will be projected inside the trucks at various locations throughout the city, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

If you have any interest in graffiti this is the show to see! The Road Show runs from Jan. 6 to Feb. 10 at various spots. This weekend it will be at the Barnes & Noble near Lincoln Center, 1972 Broadway. For more info, visit

sandie, Jan 9 2007 9:15AM

thanks for the info, paul. i'm glad that someone has taken photos of the graffiti because it is so temporary.

mark, Jan 9 2007 1:01PM

you have no doubt heard of the recent 'wooster on spring' exhibition? for that matter there is a lot of very interesting street art information at the wooster collective.

not sure you have to look too hard to find a graffiti covered u-haul in nyc, though. har har.

Paul P, Jan 9 2007 8:31PM

Actually I have seen the 'wooster on spring' exhibition I stumbeled across wooster photos one time while searching for graffiti art through Flickr.

I updated the picture because it was very low res. Here's another photo of graffiti artist Dalek's work.