The RestoRoom Project


I am still lost in this sea of questions but my mind stays focused. Yeah right. My stolen camera never came back yet a new found prejudice has emerged: people.

In the meantime I continue developing my Self Portrait in Restroom Project, hoping that someday a lunatic with the title of "publisher" will turn his or her eyes on my work and allow people in Amsterdam and Japan to buy my odd photo books. This can be my road to nowhere; my mental explorations. This image in particular was taken at the bottom of Chimborazo, the highest active volcano in the world where a community lives in the middle of nowhere; the real middle of it. So freaking cold and so silent, yet I found a kind of a restroom. I didn't dare enter it(or at least my nose wouldn't let me) so I had to take the photo by it, not in it.

denialpolez, Jul 11 2006 11:05PM

Things are confusing:

"...was taken at the bottom of Chimborazo, the highest active volcano in the world...."

The worlds highest active volcano is the cotopaxi (or I think it was), but neverless, the chimborazo is not even a volcano, thats a fact, since thousands of years.

Alice Marie, Jul 12 2006 10:43AM

Hi Guido,

This is a great picture, and I have faith in the project, having just recieved, as a gift, a book called Cotswald Privvies (sp? - don't have it on me right now), about the slow demise of outhouses in mid-twentieth-century Britain. The entire book is based on photos of outhouses that two women photographers took, usually by first asking permission from owners, so that they could spend hours, I'm guessing, in people's backyards, documenting. I love the idea of finding places where people can meditate in private or, well, just take care of biz, and thinking about how different (and the same) they are in different places. As for publishers, there should be no shortage of lunatics, but yeah, I know what you mean. Great picture.

guido, Jul 12 2006 5:04PM

Dear Daniel,
my bad, Cotopaxi is indeed the name of the highest active volcano in the world, I see it everyday on my way home. It is beautiful. My wires got confused but Chimborazo, where the photo was taken was indeed a volcano way back in time. thanks for the correction. g.