Jesus wept.


The rarest of gems was passed along to me a few years ago. A 24 track album of some of the most terribly great Christian and country demo tapes and train wreck songs to ever be recorded.

I have decided that it is now time to share this classic with the world. So with no further fanfare I give to you the album that I have proudly dubbed Jesus Wept.

Download Jesus Wept.

Track Listing:
01 - Treasures In Heaven
02 - Hot Summer Nights
03 - That's Peculiar
04 - I Am A Man
05 - The Right Song (Oh Lord)**
06 - Nightingale**
07 - Awesome God
08 - Champions Of God
09 - I Sing
10 - Kill Me**
11 - Chock Full Of Love
12 - Satan Has Been Defeated
13 - Soul Saved Tonight
14 - Successful Singer (Amazing Grace)
15 - Fishermen
16 - Nicole's Story
17 - Give The Devil The Measles
18 - At An Inn
19 - Indian Mating Dance
20 - Bjork Song
21 - Come Back America
22 - Safe Sex**
23 - Fizzin' RC**
24 - Thank You God
25 (Bonus Track) - O Holy Night**

** Album Favorites

paul, Nov 3 2005 4:48PM

WOW, that is some scary music. I downloaded the whole thing and laughed my @$$ off. Then I realized some of these people were serious with their songs, scary. I found the titles for the songs pretty funny too.
good stuff...

karl, Nov 3 2005 8:14PM

thank you for this.

Brandon, Nov 4 2005 1:57AM

Finally I have access to this album. Thanks Rust.

Robb Fladry, Nov 4 2005 3:59AM

That "J" looks like a tear in JC's eye.


mark, Nov 7 2005 9:30AM

i wish to commend the author & performer of "safe sex" on his skillful rhymes. i believe most rappers shy away from the word gonorrhea because of the difficulty in finding another word with which to rhyme it. the only word i can quickly come up with is diarrhea.

mark, Nov 7 2005 10:49PM

and to go along with the music check out this flickr set: