Keepin Warm

74th snow.jpg

7:00 PM, early winter, NYC

bus stop snow.jpg

Guy one (generic ninth floor office worker with a good view to the exterior): Howya doin?
Guy two (janitor for the building, emptying individual trash cans, beginning of his shift): Not too bad. you?
Guy one: Fine. I hear it's gonna snow tonight.
Guy two: Yeah, they're saying 9 inches.
Guy one: Jeez. You gotta shovel the sidewalks?
Guy two: Yeah.
Guy one: Man...sorry to hear that.
Guy two: That's OK. There's a little bar across the street where I can get a brandy to warm up.
Guy one: Sounds effective.
Guy two: Yeah...helps me get thru the night.
Guy one: You hear the joke about the reindeer and the cab driver?
Guy two: Yeah.
Guy one (logging off, leaving for home): Well...have a good one.
Guy two: You too.

Ann, Nov 20 2005 4:32PM

Are you Guy One? "Sounds effective" sounds like something you might say in that situation.

sandie, Nov 23 2005 9:20AM

Personally, I've always liked shoveling snow. The fresh air, being outside on the deserted streets... but to also have a brandy waiting at a little bar. That's not bad at all.

holling, Nov 29 2005 5:49PM

what the shit? it's already snowed in nyc this year? where was I?

mark, Dec 2 2005 12:40PM

i was always partial to a cup of cocoa after being out in the cold. i suppose that can be traced to the fact that i haven't shovelled snow since i was a teenager. living in a condo / apartment leaves little opportunity to participate in snow removal.

however, finding a cozy pub with a fireplace and guinness can't be beat when the weather outside is frightful. follow with a walk outdoors to hear each flake hit the ground. even in the city the sound (or lack thereof) is soothing.