Broken Flowers

broken flowers.jpg

Broken Flowers – a Jim Jarmusch movie
Starring: Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright, Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange & Julie Delpy

First of all, I’m a big Jim Jarmusch fan and this movie did not disappoint. But how do I critique this movie without giving too much or all of the story away? Broken Flowers is a stimulating movie which goes at normal or real life speed, which for many people out there will simply mean slow. The movie has a lot of openness to it; a lot of moments where you see the characters thinking. Bill Murray, who is great as his character Don Johnston, looks as though he himself is broken and has given up on life. He plays an old Casanova who receives a letter from a past girlfriend stating that he has a son. This begins his strange journey of tracking down old flames. He tries to figure out who this secret letter writer is by meeting with them and observing them in their natural environments.

It's a very strange premise but it works and kept me engaged throughout the movie. I never found it too slow or boring, but this might just be me. I like finding out how other people live in this crazy world. Not only do you see how Don Johnston lives but you also travel across the United States and find out how his ex-flames are now living. The movie kept me entertained and I recommend you check it out if you can.

guido, Sep 23 2005 7:35PM

gee, I thought American were already selling goods honestly. In which case a potential next tag would be "broken hearts"

sandie, Sep 25 2005 12:40PM

I want to see this film; partly because I like Bill Murray and partly because I really like Jim Jarmusch. there are some really nice moments in Coffee and Cigarettes.I recommend renting the dvd if you haven't seen it.