I did it.

Tonight. I downloaded my first song. Ever. Off of the Internet. (Legally, of course. Paid for via itunes. I don't steal music.)

I've always smugly said "I don't download" when asked the types of music I get from the Internet. Or, when I read the New York Magazine "Look Book" or some such other "real person interview" where they ask "What's the last song you downloaded?" I was always just daring someone to interview me just so I could say "I don't download. I buy CDs." But, tonight I caved...

The song that set my downward spiral in motion? "Bricks of Gold" by The Crabs. I heard this song beautifully sung a few weeks ago by two good friends, and thought, what a great song. (I actually thought my friends had written it.)

After hearing a snippet online last night, I had to have it and couldn't wait for the CD order. So I logged onto my Apple account (which had been opened for photo processing capabilities only) and literally a minute later I was listening to it. I get it now. Such instant gratification. In fact, I've already downloaded my second song.

sandie, Apr 14 2006 3:54PM

Congratulations on the music buy! So... now are you ready for an iPod video player so you can download an episode of Lost?

Heather, Apr 15 2006 10:23PM

Actually, I have downloaded an episode of Lost onto my computer's itunes... just haven't brought myself to watch it on the computer. Not quite as nice as snuggling up in front of the tv.

Bryan Cody, Apr 28 2006 12:20PM

"I don't know what an MP3 smells like." - Billy Bragg remarking on the direction of music sales opposed to the past when one would smell a vinyl record in excitement of its purchase.