Rusty's Workspace


Here is my space. All fancy and stuff. Enjoy. (Couple of other picts after the jump.)



mark, Aug 25 2006 11:37AM

there appears to be a clear chair and laptop hierarchy in your workspace. is that intentional?

i guess a king's gotta have a throne.

rusty, Aug 25 2006 4:33PM

the chairs are equally uncomfortable and need replacing. sunny only moved into the office space recently. she is working from home part time now and hanging with the kids. oh, and i'm a lot bigger than her too. (there, did i do a good enough job justifying my bigger chair?) :)

sandie, Aug 25 2006 6:02PM

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who uses a coaster on my desk -- I feel like a nerd sometimes because of it. And I love the big red T!