GUTSY All-Stars


Curious what your name would be if you were a Brazilian soccer star? Now with the help of the Brazilian name generator you can find out as well as create your very own snazzy jersey.

PaulP, Jul 13 2006 10:40AM

Actuall my official portuguese name is Paulo Pereira.
So Pauloinho would be my brazilian soccer name.

Check it out...

mark, Jul 13 2006 11:37AM

my bad. i stand corrected. however i think 'pereirosa' rolls off the tongue a little more fluidly. it's also easier for spanish / portuguese soccer commentators to draw out and scream as you drive towards the net.

PaulP, Jul 13 2006 1:09PM

Pauloinho rolls off the tongue if you speak any language other than English.

how to pronounce Pauloinho (in english) -Pow-lean-nu

evan mann, Jul 13 2006 1:20PM

i did it backwards and got this un: Eveta Santos. i dig it.

mark, Jul 13 2006 1:48PM

pereirosa (pronounced in english) = pa-rare-O-sa

Ann, Jul 13 2006 1:50PM

I played on a boys soccer team in 4th grade and was pretty good (second fastest runner on the team), but I never kept it up. I guess I missed my chance to be a soccer star.

guido, Jul 17 2006 11:42AM

I don't mind guidaldo... I am usually called guidinho.
However, 40!!! I don't like that number. I like number 2, the duck.