big love for all things tiny


ok, i'll admit it. no need for you to hear it from someone else. ahem. i am addicted to tiny showcase.

what is tiny showcase you ask? the idea is pure genius. let me enlighten you. find cool art, make a limited edition (usually 100) number of prints, sell them for the uber-reasonable twenty bucks, and donate a little money to charity while you're at it. oh the love!

what is better than a wall full of tiny art? tiny art is cute, cool, stylish, easy to display in clusters, and easy on the wallet. recently, tiny showcase began a new venture...t-shirts. perfect for spring!

now, there are some secrets to being a tiny showcase collector (ok, addict). first, it is IMPERATIVE that you join their email list because it is via email and email only that you get the heads up as to when the new print is going online and also who the artist is. if you are not fond of the artist, you merely forget everything and get back to what you were doing. if you fall in love, then you know the exact time that the print will go online and you can make a date with your apple that evening!

the prints sell out quickly...some in less than an hour. if you want it, you really have to be sitting at the ready. it is worth it, my friends. no complaining. oh, and you need a paypal account for fastest service.

our *growing* collection (in order of purchase) includes prints by irina troitskaya, andrea offerman, marci washington, and jen corace. now, if only they would showcase the work of my new favorite artist, lilly piri.

posted by the other half of team volvo

sandie, Apr 4 2006 10:17PM

I like the idea of tiny showcase! thanks for introducing it to us. i read on the site that the prints are made on an epson printer with ultrachrome ink. we have an epson in our studio and it can be hit or miss. how's the quality?

by the way, the image that is on the home page right now has 2 monkeys listening to headphones. brilliant!

shari, Apr 5 2006 2:09PM

hi sandie-the quality is great as is the service. they send the print within a week or so.