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Time to vote for the next President of Ecuador has arrived. According to my judgment no candidate has demonstrated to be a good fit to lead Ecuador during the next four years.

On the other hand since the vote in my country is mandatory I have no other option but to vote. I don't want to nullify my vote nor do I have the desire to leave the ballot blank. I think my vote could be your vote, a second chance to invest in the candidate you consider to be the best next president for this South American Republic. So here it is, your second vote through me. My vote, your candidate, I could become the second voice that you need to support your ideas and your plans. Go ahead and bid with confidence. I am a man of my word and I will complete your electoral will through my vote. I will try to have proof for the winner but no promises. It is my word, your vote. Good luck and happy bidding. Guido E. Alvarez c.i.0102625154