Reading by far is the most used method of uploading information in your brain, of gaining "knowledge," of keeping track of your intellectual progress. I am currently reading about 6 books, have not been able to finish one in a long time. What is really interesting about my unmethod of learning is that the stories begin breeding among one another. The result, a very complicated and particular construction of a theoretical reality impossible otherwise. Who cares about fantasy when reality is much more creative. As a matter of fact this entry itself has no purpose, no end, no final goal. Perhaps we just need an escape square in the back of our brains so by the end of everyday we can just "flush" our thoughts and stay put, clean, ready for a new day. Do we ever "flush" our brains?

Alejandro, Feb 10 2006 3:05PM

Todos tenemos nuestros métodos...

la construcción de nuestra realidad al final es eso...

I've got a solution;
Just be!..