The Japanese Develop Female Android

I don't know if this will spook anyone else out as it did me - but sometime last week as I was searching through news websites - I stumbled upon a strange article on the internet. At first I thought this was a joke but as I continued to read I realized this was real!

Now after reading and re-reading the article I just started to laugh out loud. Why a female android and not a male android? Why does it matter? Hmmmm... The conclusion, the Japanese are really sick. Sick I tell you, sick....

The android itself spooked the hell out of me, the dead stare and the awkward looking body.

Anyway check out the article for yourselves.

sandie, Aug 4 2005 11:08AM

Creepy indeed. I think it's funny that the caption for the photo specifies "Professor Ishiguro (r)" because both beings in the photo look robotic.

mark, Aug 4 2005 11:27AM

indeed. creepy like twins.

and if you are interested in seeing other japanese visions of the future (plus some colorful commentary) take a look at this.

personal favorite: pink ballroom dancing 'bot.

muddhawuud, Aug 8 2005 5:43PM

Why? You ask why female? I bet Professor Ishiguro is bonin' it.

mark, Aug 9 2005 3:03PM

he does kind of have that dirty intellectual look on his face (which could easily be mistaken as the look of an android).

the challenge was set by wierd science and scientists have been chasing the dream ever since.