Now I Know Why

Ever since I had my son a year and a half ago, I have not been able to shed those last few (well, more than just a few) pounds. Not that I care what the numbers are, I would just like to be able to wear some of my pre-pregnancy pants. Maybe one day I will.

I used to always wonder why the women with large bottoms would wear the spandex pants to excercise in. "Do they think they look good in them?" I would think to myself. Well, now that I've put on a few pounds myself and have started to jog again in hopes of losing some of it, I have realized why they wear the spandex: regular shorts ride up due to inner thighs rubbing together while exercising (sorry, I realize that's not a pretty picture). It's extremely annoying and uncomfortable. Now I can't wait until it gets cold enough for me to wear my spandex running pants.

Sandie, Aug 18 2005 10:13PM

Interesting observation. Ride up + running = no good. Wear your spandex with pride!

matthew, Aug 19 2005 8:55AM

On a closely related topic, some repressed junior high memories were brought to the front of my brain by an article in slate last week about how nobody wears jock straps anymore. They've been replaced by "compression shorts" (spandex). The author was suprised to find out that most NFL players use compression shorts without a "cup". There was one kid in 7th grade who wore a cup. I'm sure his parents thought they were doing the right thing, but I bet they didn't know that it became the mission of half the class to test the effectiveness of the cup with whatever ball or bat we were given for the day.

mark, Aug 19 2005 10:04AM

matthew - do i detect a hint of nostalgia in your comment? personally, i would like to forget the humiliating memories of coaches yelling "show me your strap" during unannounced jock checks in high school. this can only be rivalled by the body image nightmare of shirts-off scoliosis tests.

ann - what you are saying is "you're rubbin' it?"

Ann, Aug 19 2005 2:27PM

Mark: What I'm saying is, "I'm rubbin' 'EM."