This is a story that never took place.

The pelican was flying almost touching the sea when it saw it. It was an orange fish, static, pensive, gone. Climbed up high in the sky and flew downwards to swallow it but it couldn't. The fish was interesting enough to turn on the pelican's curiosity alarms. It stopped and slowly begun to float on the salty water. The fish noticed the pelican. It smiled, it was the most beautiful creature it had seen, pretty close to a deity, a myth it heard once.

Powerful, dangerous yet apparently inoffensive. The fish knew it wasn't a dream. It dreamt of it in the past but never thought it could become real. The pelican was mesmerized by the fish, its eyes, its energy, its glow.

They fell in love.

This story is about a fish and pelican who become aware of the other. They unexpectedly fall in love and begin interacting and dialoguing from different dimensions about existential topics. They become aware of the differences yet they find themselves lured by each others contexts and realities. They begin talking about their myths, their beliefs, their fears and dreams yet they know they can never be together in reality. Their love is unattainable. Later on the fish learns how to jump into the pelican's pouch so they can feel closer yet very distant. They talk for hours and hours. The pelican, from time to time, feels threaten by its own instinct and hunger. The fish is food after all. The fish knows the pelican can swallow it but it is not afraid, it is even curious about the pelican's inside as it believes that freedom exists within, after the passage through the neck,

To be discontinued...