Weekly Digest #26

We celebrated a GUTSY milestone this past weekend – our one year anniversary. With nearly 300 entries and over 850 comments this is quite an accomplishment. We are looking forward to the next year as we roll out new features, new authors and maybe even some GUTSY products. In the meantime, take a look at what our authors have been up to since we last checked in.

Paul Pereira explored the ever-expanding world of toddler psychedelia while Ann Whitehurst presented the before and the after of child birth. Alice Marie saw middle-America desolation and an unusual source of community pride. Sandie Maxa experienced environmental art in a proper setting and helped out a delivery person. Mark Sanders rued the loss of an anti-celebrity chef and had a picnic turn sour. Finally, Guido Alvarez found a remote pot to piss in.

Have a great week and tell a friend about GUTSY.