For those of you who have never seen a post-pregancy belly, here is mine. It is pretty disturbing, but I consider it a small price to pay for what I got in return.

Goodbye bikini. Hello one-piece.

sandie, Jul 11 2006 5:07PM

Amazing. I've never seen anything like that before.

Ann, Jul 11 2006 7:07PM

The picture was taken while I was lying on my back. When I stand up, it protrudes a lot and doesn't look that wrinkled.

Mrs. B, Jul 13 2006 1:25PM

I was warned about the graphic nature of this image before I viewed it. Now that I've seen it I can say, "oh yes, that!"

Keep the bikini. You'll be able to wear it next year when all that extra skin is finally gone. (Then the problem will be the little urchin who keeps pulling down your top!)

Ann, Jul 13 2006 1:58PM

I'm trying to do some abdominal exercises each day to try to tone it back. I realize it will never get back where it was prior to my 1st pregnancy (this photo was taken after my 2nd), but I'm sure it will get better. I'm sure for some people, seeing this photo is an effective form of birth control.

(After going through childbirth, I have become much less modest about things like this....not that I'm going to walk around showing it off, though.)