Still Waiting

My due date was this past Monday, June 5, but I am still sitting here looking like I'm trying to hide a basketball under my shirt.

My 2-year-old was born 2 weeks overdue, after I drank castor oil to avoid being induced at the hospital. I'm really hoping I don't have to resort to that again because it was not a pleasant way to get things started. I've heard that second babies often come earlier than first ones, so I keep thinking that "tonight is the night" and I try to make sure all the dishes are clean, etc. before I go to bed. I wrote out "instructions" for what to do with our son (to the person that we have lined up to come stay with him when my husband and I go to the hospital)over a month ago. Every day gets a little harder as the baby keeps growing, but somehow I manage to drag my son to the park for a couple hours in the mornings....I would feel bad not letting him get some outside time every day.

So I'm really looking forward to being in the hospital for a couple days...just laying there in bed not having to do much will be nice.

mark, Jun 11 2006 12:47PM

word has it that a few short hours after writing this post ann did indeed go into labor and delivered a daughter. perhaps writing induces labor?

CONGRATULATIONS from your friends at GUTSY!

Ann, Jun 13 2006 6:31PM

That is correct! Writing on GUTSY was much more pleasant than drinking castor oil.

I woke up around 2AM with what I knew was the real thing, so I waited around for 45 min or so to make sure the contractions kept coming, which they did. By the time we got a friend over here to sleep on the couch while our son was asleep, it was 3:30 or so. We got to the hospital shortly before 4. The labor & delivery went really fast and the baby was born at 7:35 AM on Sat. It was such a feeling of relief to have that baby finally on the outside! I had forgotten how painful labor is! But luckily there were no complications.

The time in the hospital was nice. Especially the jacuzzi tub. I didn't realize how easy I had it in the hospital until we came home yesterday and I had to go back to going up/down stairs all the time and bending over to pick things up and do things.

I'm just happy that everything went well and everyone is healthy! Now the craziness begins....

sandie, Jun 14 2006 9:34AM

So happy to hear that everything went fine with that big baby. Good luck with the craziness!

David, Jun 14 2006 10:58AM

Congratulations Ann! Great thing that the labor/delivery was swift and successful. Our Lamaze instructor recommends that we take full advantage of the hospital stay, basking in the quality room service and luxury amenities. It's a far cry from what my friend Sharon experienced when she gave birth to her son in Kenya back in 1962.

Matthew, Jun 19 2006 1:02PM

Congrats again Anne! I can't wait to see the little one. On not remembering the pain of labor... I read that remembering the pain of labor is impossible. Part of the hormonal roller coaster of birth involves your body flooding your brain's THC receptor network (getting stoned network) more effectively than any recreational drug. Supposedly, this is the cause of elation and short term memory loss immediately following birth, and coming down from this "natural high" contributes to post natal depression. Birth is the most amazing and humbling experience I have ever witnessed. I'm glad to hear you had a relatively smooth transition.