Triage Tags


My wife and I were instructed to put these around our necks as the paramedics made their way through the bus we were riding after it collided with a drunk driver. With a necklace made of raffia, these tags employ a combination of color and symbols to quickly relate the patient's condition to other EMTs. Luckily our cards retained the 'Green' tab and received no marks except the time we were triaged.


guido, May 25 2006 7:29PM

cool man. Do you have to get into a car accident to get these great souvenirs? would you scan them and email them to me?? g.

mark, May 26 2006 9:27AM

i kinda thought you would appreciate these, guido.

and no, you don't have to be in an accident to get one (or many more) of these. it was produced by a company called Mettag and you can download your very own from their site.

they have a zippy tagline: 'maximize survivors".

chris, May 31 2006 12:57PM

I take it a III rating is better than 0. Is that a dagger? That's cold