Mark Sanders
July 12, 2006


Guido Alvarez
July 7, 2006


Mark Sanders
May 24, 2006


Tom Graham
April 3, 2006


ok, i'll admit it. no need for you to hear it from someone else. ahem. i am addicted to tiny showcase.

Guido Alvarez
November 23, 2005


Mark Sanders
October 4, 2005

I'm a creature of habit. Things that stay the same are comforting (albeit not particularly memorable) to me. So each and every weekend my morning deliberately unfolds like clockwork. The glue for this is the Food Network.

Guido Alvarez
September 23, 2005


Guido Alvarez
September 15, 2005


Guido Alvarez
August 24, 2005


David Steadman
July 26, 2005


I'm sorry to be so Dutch-centric, but some amazing things are coming from the Netherlands these days. "Grafisch Nederland 2005 - Kleur/Colour," designed by Irma Boom, is a monumental achievement in the art of bookmaking. It's probably one of the most remarkable pieces of printed matter I've seen.

Guido Alvarez
July 21, 2005


Guido Alvarez
July 1, 2005


Sandie Maxa
June 16, 2005


I would love to buy this bathmat by Dutch designer, Hella Jongerius. Browsing her site for textiles, I unexpectedly came across a photo of the Bathroommat and proclaimed it perfect. It is stylish, simple and appears to allow wet feet to grip the surface, although unfortunately it is no longer for sale. A disappointing Google search told me that it was designed in 1993 and now rests in the collection of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Mark Sanders
June 10, 2005

It's Friday and I just learned something new. With summer in the air and the weekend just teasing me from the horizon, this knowledge could prove useful or at very least recreational. You see, there is a type of bicycle out there that I never knew existed.

Guido Alvarez
June 2, 2005


Sandie Maxa
May 20, 2005


A family trip to Coney Island included a few wild rounds of Skeeball. We soon found ourselves with 97 tickets. A look at the prize gallery told us that nothing worth having was priced under 100 tickets so we headed back to the Skeeball court. 13 more tickets were quickly won, making us proud owners of a pink poodle (value 110 tickets).

Mark Sanders
April 11, 2005


This is a plan view of how I think the new Charmin Mega Roll differs from a traditional toilet paper roll.