I collect photos. The more I have the more confused I am. I have no order for them, nor do I organize or classify my beloved pixels.

At some point I was challenged to find a new category, and I have found one to fulfill my digital collections: restrooms. Public restrooms that is, and the study of self...

I have already collected about 30 different restrooms. The first rule: locations must be public. The last rule: I must appear somehow in the photo. Someday down the road, I will publish a self portrait book on the theme: to pee. About the silent place full of noises, the place where no one speaks, the parallelogram where nobody looks at each other directly regardless of the evident thereness, but through the huge mirrors in nanoseconds time, glimpses of recognition and swift attempts of smiles.

The unmentionable place, where unmentionable odors and unmentionable sounds take place...

My task: unseeable photos.

Coming soon: harigo®

sandie, Apr 4 2006 10:21PM

How do fellow restroom users will feel about you shooting photos? Do any of the other 29 shots you've taken so far feature other restroom guests? Just curious...

paul, Apr 5 2006 9:25AM

I did something similar to that for a college project called the worst bathroom in Union, NJ. I went around local shopping centers & cafes to shoot their bathrooms.

If someone happened to be in the bathroom I'd wait in the stall till they left and then shoot a bunch of shots in the bathroom.