New Yorkers All Dress Alike To Me

Last Saturday I spent most of the day in NYC just walking around. While I was walking around I started to notice people wearing similar clothing. At first I thought I was mistaken but as the day progressed I kept seeing people dressed in the same style. I quickly started to make mental notes and kicked myself for not bringing my camera. I'll try to break it down into categories.

The Semi-Intellectual (dark and brooding male):
- usually cool hip black frames
- casual looking dress shirt (usually a dark color)
- blue jeans (look close at the brand usually Kenneth Cole)
- black shoes
- cool expensive watch that looks plain

The Hip Trendy Socialite (very talkative full of energy female):
- expensive "in now" sunglasses (Gucci, Prada, Versace)
- very bright colorful low cut shirt
- white skirt or capris
- oversized bag that matches outfit
- also high heels or the trendy Moroccan looking slip-ons
- accessorized either by cell phone or small dog (sometimes both)

The Couple + Baby (they look like they hike every weekend but always seem to stay in NYC):
- oversized baby carriage with three oversized rubber wheels that looks like it can go over any rough terrain or any small pets
- The North Face windbreakers
- Timberland, The North Face or Columbia mountain hiking sneakers
- sweat pants or tight work out pants
- you can spot them usually blocking sidewalks making pedestrians walk around them

The Cool Anti-Establishment Teenager or Twenty Something (female or male):
- vintage t-shirt (reproduction of 70's band shirts or 70's television shows)
- blue jeans brand name only
- converse high tops
- females top this off with either trendy scarf or sunglasses
- males top this off with trendy trucker hat or sunglasses

mark, Jun 6 2005 12:52PM

where do you fall, paul?

this can vary greatly by neighborhood as evidenced by the upper-eastside preppies and/or frat boys. we have a low-rise / midrift tank on ample gals who shouldn't be wearing 'em epidemic in queens. it's not as appealing as it sounds.

paul, Jun 6 2005 1:31PM

i walked around for a bit everywhere. but i remember walking on Broadway, 33rd, 8th ave. thats pretty much the area i was in.

Sandie, Jun 6 2005 9:54PM

Very astute observations. I'd like to add my observation that lots of The Couple + Baby types have Bugaboo strollers who my friend (who knows about these things) told me sell for $900! You can tell it's a Bugaboo by the post-modern scribble logo and the bright colors.