I kept my left ankle wrapped around a 3M fyberglass cast for three weeks yet the discomfort and pain did not compare to the last doctor's bill which was an insane amount of money just for cutting off this "high-tech" wrap in just about three minutes. Unionized Rubbish.

Ann, Jul 2 2005 2:36PM

Fortunately, I've never had to wear a cast. But when I see someone wearing one, I think how crazy it must drive them to get a really bad itch under the cast.

Sandie, Jul 3 2005 12:51PM

I have never had a cast either, but I've heard that people come up to you and feel compelled to tell you every bad story about breaking a bone that they have experienced or heard about. That would drive me crazy.

guido, Jul 5 2005 12:20PM

As a matter of fact, the new high-tech casts don't itch. Besides they wrap the broken segment with a cotton cloth so it absorbs the sweat -which generates the itching.- So, please we welcomed to brake any part of your body as desired...

Ann, Jul 5 2005 2:35PM

Cool. Now I can go throw myself in front of the next moving vehicle with no fear of an itchy cast!