I Spent Last Weekend With a Pink Poodle


A family trip to Coney Island included a few wild rounds of Skeeball. We soon found ourselves with 97 tickets. A look at the prize gallery told us that nothing worth having was priced under 100 tickets so we headed back to the Skeeball court. 13 more tickets were quickly won, making us proud owners of a pink poodle (value 110 tickets).


SAT. 8pm: Dinner at a Thai restaurant.


SUN. 9:30am: Meeting the house cat.


SUN. 12:30pm: Taconic State Parkway on route to Hyde Park, NY


SUN. 3:15pm: At the Roosevelt Presidential Library


SUN. 4:30pm: Knocking on the door of the Vanderbilt Mansion


SUN. 5:55pm: Taking in a view of the Hudson River


MON. 11:05am: Busing it to the city.

mark, May 20 2005 3:46PM

correction, value $10 for all the quarters sunk into skeeball.

dawg, May 20 2005 3:54PM

the poor little thing...LOOK AT ITS RIBS.
. recommend feeding poodle to cat.