June 25 - July 15 Uber Digest

Vacations, visitors, work and a lot of other things have conspired against a truly weekly digest from GUTSY. So now we are pleased to present a comprehensive list of everything that has been shared on GUTSY in the last three weeks.

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The first week, Paul Pereira showed that he collects what he takes. Ann Whitehurst watched her neighbor collect dog doo by hand and also looked forward to her parents abandoning her childhood home. Mark Sanders cooked a family classic as well as visited the DMV. Guido Alvarez had a "high-tech" cast removed while Bob Holling discovered the key to seeing better.

The next week saw Sandie Maxa minding her P's and Q's by the book while Guido Alvarez experienced another broken arm. Mark Sanders had a front row seat to witness the annual battle for Queens. Finally, Heather Manske wrote what we all feel and Guido Alvarez reaffirmed the sentiment.

This past week Paul Pereira decided to make some life changes. Ann Whitehurst got the upper hand with squirrels. David Steadman watched with concern as our civil liberties are trampled. And last but not least, Evan Mann experienced an adverb craving.

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