Sight Experiment, Update 2 (final)

In the thrilling world of my eyeballs and general mental stability, I have reached a conclusion. As the savvy reader may remember, in an effort to relieve some eye strain, I turned off text smoothing on my computer, thinking that the blurry-ness of smoothed text on the monitor was contributing to headaches and tired eyes. The resulting look was just terrible. So, furthering the experiement, I returned to the text smoothing and compared reading on a LCD screen versus an old-skool CRT monitor. Conveniently enough, both are connected to my laptop.

The result? LCD: crisp and easy on the eyes; CRT: blurry and headache inducing.


Laptop (LCD screen): Apple powerbook G4.
CRT Monitor: Apple 17" monitor, circa 1999.

I guess these monitors tend to blur out over time. Or I'm imagining things. Or I've had too much to drink this morning.

This concludes the Emergency Eyesight Testing System. Had this been a real emergency...and so forth.

Sandie, Jun 29 2005 4:16PM

Back in 1999 or so I was diagnosed with damaged corneas from too much computer use. While I hoping the prescription would be a 2-week vacation to Hawaii, I was told to wear my glasses exclusively at work. Instead I took a few years off from the tight-deadline rat race and went to grad school. Since my return to 8+ hours in front of the computer, my eyes seem to be better. With your research findings, I'm going to credit a better monitor. Thanks for contributing your time to scientific research!