1 - Number of weddings I attended.

5 - Number of drinks consumed.

1 - Number of taxis I took.

5 - Number of hours on bus before I realized it was gone.

10 - Number of days before I went for a replacement.

2 - Number of security guards.

10 - Number of things you were not allowed to do while waiting.

20 - Number of minutes in the "Info" line.

50 - Number of minutes in the "Photo" line.

192 - Number on my ticket.

54 - Number of people ahead of me.

24 - Number of windows total.

10 - Number of windows actually open.

3 - Number of Somali men who asked me for help.

32 - Number of pages remaining in my book.

45 - Number of minutes waiting before going to the window.

22 - Number of the window I was sent to.

10 - Number of line I was asked to read.

40 - Number of dollars I was required to pay.

1 - Number of new drivers licenses I received.

5 - Number of years before I have to go back.

Ann, Jun 29 2005 11:03AM

The sum of all those numbers must also mean something...maybe number of chewing gum wads stuck under the seats? Or number of obscenities you said to yourself throughout the process?

mark, Jun 29 2005 11:40AM

542 - Number of minutes that I will never get back.

Sandie, Jun 29 2005 4:19PM

Hopefully it's not number of credit card applications the cabbie has filled out in your name!

paul, Jun 29 2005 5:26PM

- Number of people newly named Mark Sanders.

- Number of illegitimate children the newly named Mark Sanders have.

- Number of child payments the old Mark Sanders receives in the mail from baby's momma.

- Number of headaches explaining the situation.

-Priceless for everything else theres mastercard-