Finally, A Good Year...


For the first time in a few years, we've had a good crop of tomatoes. Last year the squirrels would pluck off the green ones, take a few bites, and toss them aside, which really pissed me off. But this year, we've been lucky.

I think I'm going to make some salsa tonight...yum.

mark, Jul 11 2005 1:05PM

those are some mighty fine specimens.

speaking of thwarting squirrels, i have a near legendary story about my mom's experience with a "squirrel-proof" bird feeder. perhaps i'll share soon.

by the way, what finally kept the squirrels at bay? was it electricity? kerosene? an effigy? fencing? herbs? bobcats? a moat? constant screaming? potion?

(i live in new york city so have absolutely no need for this info but am curious).

paul, Jul 11 2005 2:20PM

maybe mothballs.
friend a mine has a fig tree and says thats the only thing that keeps those pesky squirrels away.

Ann, Jul 11 2005 11:08PM

We're just not seeing as many squirrels around in general this year. We didn't do anything special to keep them away either.

Mark: I'm familiar with your bird feeder story. It is funny as hell. Please do the readers a favor and share it.

spaceneedl, Jul 16 2005 11:14PM

when we lived in minnesota, the deer would eat our tomatoes. they'd wander in from the other side of the lake we lived on, and pretty much turn our lawn and garden into a smorgasbord.

then i built the cage. 2x2s and chicken wire, over top of the whole garden patch. it was an ugly, unwieldy thing. but it kept the deer off.

then we had an early freeze.