Something disturbed me yesterday evening.

I took my son to a neighbor's house for a birthday party. Everyone was out playing in the yard. The hostess came over to where we were playing with a ball and saw a pile of dog poop on the ground. No big deal, I thought. I mean, they do have a dog and I know to look out where my son is walking anyway. But the hostess couldn't believe that it was there for some reason and, in disgust, picked up the pile of poop BARE-HANDED and took it away.

I thought to myself, "Isn't poop in your hand more disgusting than poop on the ground?"

sandie, Jul 2 2005 12:02AM

yes. it is more disgusting... but hilarious!

paul, Jul 4 2005 3:19PM

if i saw that i don't think i'd be able to eat anything at that party. she couldn't wash your hands enough to get me to eat anything there. i feel sick...

Ann, Jul 5 2005 11:46AM

All I had was one bottled beer, which I retrieved from the cooler myself!

spaceneedl, Jul 5 2005 11:16PM

it's gross, but not unprecedented. i'm often amazed at how parenthood lowers the bar where the handling of disgusting things is concerned. what once was unthinkable now is second nature...poop and spit up and nasty diapers and on and on. so i'm thinking that picking up dog poop in the yard is symptomatic of parenthood syndrome.

mark, Jul 6 2005 9:09AM

it's not the actual parental handling of icky things that makes me uneasy. it's the cavalier attitude in which it is often done.

but, grabbing doggy doo with bare hands is gross no matter if you are a parent or not.

dawg, Jul 6 2005 12:57PM

come on....it used to be food; its state has only been altered. ain't nothin wrong with a little poop. me and a pal used to huck half-dried cow patties at roadsigns when we wuz, i dunno, 10. felt great and i STILL ate that baloney sammich with my hands.

mark, Jul 6 2005 5:44PM

dawg, you ever heard of a little parasite called cholera?

i contend the only poo that should be handled by human hands is either the product of a work of art or safely sheathed in plastic.

and then a baloney sandwich afterwards? no wonder you now only eat veggies.

Ann, Jul 6 2005 9:23PM

This is obviously why the fake poo with the hidden key compartment is a good product.