Not-So-Weekly Digest

It's Monday and we haven't sent a Weekly Digest in quite some time. A vacation and holiday have thrown the schedule out of whack. Because of that, we thought we would send a special beginning of the week digest of what has been published on GUTSY recently.

Sandie Maxa shared her memories of New Orleans and Ann Whitehurst helped out a neighbor in distress. Guido Alvarez found a way to purchase worthless college degrees. Paul Pereira still wasn't sure about becoming a parent. Evan Mann thought the leader of the free world might still have a problem. Rusty Mitchell shared a song that makes him happy. Mark Sanders got another haircut and finished the summer off with several glasses of rosé.

And finally, we would like to say thank you to contributor David Steadman for guest editing last week in our absence.

Have a great week and remember to tell a friend about GUTSY.