A wine tasting took place at my home in Queens yesterday. Eight tasters unscientifically sampled and rated five bottles of rosé over brunch. Made from a red grape that has its skin removed before pressing, rosés are neither cloyingly sweet or rock-gut cheap like their visual cousins the blush or the white zinfandel. Dry and bright, this variety is best served slightly chilled and pairs very well with summer fare. Following are the results listed from most preferred (top of list) to least (bottom of list).

- 2004 Parallèle "45" Côtes du Rhône (France)
- 2005 Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé (South Africa)
- 2004 Il Mimo Nebbiolo Colline Novaresi (Italy)
- 2004 Château d'Aquéria Tavel (France)
- 1999 Maison Nicolas Côtes de Provence Rosé (France)

sandie, Aug 29 2005 9:27PM

While spliting 1 bottle amongst 8 testers sounds like it would leave you thirsty, there was PLENTY of wine for all to enjoy. Especially when you have 5 bottles to evaluate.

karl, Sep 1 2005 1:57PM

so which wine would go best with those chicken sandwiches and french fries i remember you being such a fan of at the harcombe dining hall?

mark, Sep 1 2005 2:01PM

boone's farm and/or malt liquor as i recall.