David, Sep 12 2005 11:23AM

Stunning! Your photos remind me of William Steiger's paintings.

karl, Sep 12 2005 1:04PM

pabst doesn't deserve second billing to bud!

mark, Sep 12 2005 1:12PM

i'm happy with a budweiser smoke screen if it insures an ample supply of $1 pabst pints.

fyi: we had a 20% off coupon so pints were actually $.80.

karl, Sep 12 2005 1:16PM

paradise indeed!

Ann, Sep 12 2005 7:35PM

Very cool shots! Where were they taken? Makes me look forward to my beach vacation in a couple weeks.

mark, Sep 13 2005 11:10AM

we went to a small island off the coast of rhode island, accessible only by ferry.

karl, Sep 13 2005 2:45PM

an island which shall remain nameless for fear it be overrun by more bud-thirsty camels!

charley, Sep 14 2005 2:15PM

what is interesting about the budweiser smoke screen is that it apears to be hung off an empty Grolsch bottle as if you could get a Grolsch if you picked up on the subtle hint.

Heather, Sep 18 2005 5:19PM

I agree with Karl's first comment about the PBR... don't know how you could frequent a bar that values bud/budweiser over pabst. even with a coupon.

maybe i'm just jealous 'cause i'm not on vacation...