Having kids...is it selfish? Part Deux

In the original topic I think I confused people and didn't make my point clear. Here I will clear up everything by just asking a simple question.

What are people's (yours or people you know) reasons or motivations for having kids?

I'd like to know...

mark, Sep 1 2005 11:07AM

paul - i'm not sure there is a way to answer your question adequately since it revolves around situations that are so intensely personal and individual. further complicating my ability to answer is the fact that i don't, myself, have kids.

i think reaching out to others to find answers to difficult questions is a great way to gather insight from a variety of sources. this may help you see the range of possibilities but ultimately you own circumstances and thoughts will shape a decision.

and to point you in a direction where a lot of people have attempted to answer your question, check out this post on ask metafilter. for those of you who aren't familiar with this site, it allows anyone to ask a question or provide an answer.

Ann, Sep 1 2005 3:06PM

It is hard to put into exact words why I had a child...partly because I wanted to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood...partly because I wanted to know what type of person my husband and I could create...partly because I wanted to be able to watch a little person grow up and show him all the fun stuff...partly because I want someone to help me out when I get old and pass all my junk to when that time comes...among other reasons. I also decided that there is never a "perfect" time to have a child. My husband and I are responsible people and able to provide what our child needs, so we just make it work. All the energy it takes to do it is worth it to us, though.