May 21 - June 3 Weekly Digest

We have no reasonable excuse for why there wasn't a digest last week so we aren't going to try to make one up. As done with the last weekly round-up, this edition will be supersized to accomodate all the highlights.

Bob Holling got the first week started by angering his cat. Mark Sanders was given the gift of underpants while Paul Pereira gave up television cold turkey. Ann Whitehurst not only saw a toddler resist sweets, she also successfully avoided another parent.

This past week we were told a story about death by Pete Hofmann while Evan Mann talked to kids. Guido Alvarez showed us a third world child seat and taught us how to make dog noises. Bob Holling found a rat even though he is losing his vision. Ann Whitehurst soiled her pants and then showed us recovery. Mark Sanders watched others shop and got another haircut. And last but not least, Sandie Maxa is worried about summer.

Tell a friend about GUTSY and have a great weekend.