Kids Say and Hear [the darndest] Thangs

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A co-worker muttered the word "asshole" QUIETLY under his breath to a passing motorist whilst driving with his two daughters recently. Shortly afterwords, his daughter asked him "Why's that man an ash-hole, daddy?"

While playing around with my nephew, I instructed him to tell my brother-in-law "the eagle has landed." He ran to my b-in-law, repeated the phrase, then asked to see the eagle. This continued for a while cause the kid REALLY wanted to see the eagle.

Another co-worker's son is bilingual and can speak to his mother in her native tongue, turn, and speak the same phrase immediately to dad in English without batting an eye. This flips me out since I come from the barely mono-lingual South.

Ann, Jun 2 2005 1:54PM

This reminds me of a hilarious story my parents told me: My 2 younger brothers and I were sitting at the kitchen table while Mom prepared food. I was probably 5 and my youngest brother, sitting in a high chair, was probably 3. My dad came into the kitchen and patted my mom on the butt. My youngest brother blurts out, "Mama, are y'all f--kin'?" My parents could barely keep a straight face as my dad told him that that was not a nice thing to say.

mark, Jun 3 2005 9:43AM

i once had an elderly boss who was fond of walking through the office and farting. after pronouncing it a "good one," he would move on to another hot spot. his other affectation (besides mild sexual harrassment) was saying "well f--k a duck."

never quite knew how to respond to that (except keeping a journal of every occurance). i can only imagine what a kid might think that phrase means.