Haircut Confessional 2

Last Haircut: 8 weeks ago
Day of Week: Tuesday
Time of Day: Supper
Salon Bustle: Very Low
Stylist Demeanor: Punchy
Physical Contact: Moderate (neck blowing)
Quotes from Stylist: "Would married man like the same?" "Do you think you look beautiful?"
Tip: $5.00

paul, Jun 1 2005 2:08PM

how much did your haircut cost?
i tend to go to the barbers myself. i feel i don't have to deal wih small talk witht them as much. sometimes they do bring up topics but its rare.
- i'm due for a haircut.
- barber is pretty mellow and always in good spirits.
- they only touch me when the are putting a towel around my neck.
- "no quotes"
- i pay $12.00 and leave a $3.00 tip.

mark, Jun 1 2005 2:45PM

i pay a straight $15. i bet your barber isn't brazillian either. now imagine the quotes with an accent.

paul, Jun 2 2005 1:14PM

actuall there are two barbers one is portuguese & the other is brazillian.