Bird's Eye View of the Local Rat


Sandie, Jun 1 2005 7:17PM

Excellent photo. I worked near Grand Central Terminal for several weeks last summer and there was a rat (like the one pictured) on 42nd Street in support of the Oyster Bar workers. I never got into work early enough in the morning to see it inflated. Or do they leave it up at night?

And it's a pro-union gesture, right?

holling, Jun 2 2005 2:52PM

There are several rats in different sizes that I believe are for rent. This little guy's about 12 ft tall, but they get much, much bigger.

I think you're right on the pro-union gesture. Something along the lines of "The management of this company are rats" and don't pay us well enough.

mark, Jun 21 2005 11:07AM

saw an inflatable rat as i was emerging from the broadway/west 4th subway stop over the past weekend. instantly knew that something was afoul.

my wife and i agree that this is a mighty fine symbol. given it's claws, red eyes, posture and the fact that it is a rat there is no way to interpret this symbol as something positive. even without knowing what it is meant to protest, i think it is fantastic sign of discontent.